Meet Webstop

Webstop is a forerunner in digital grocery technology. Their CEO is a respected thought-leader in the industry who started creating digital concepts before the internet was the popular, essential tool it is today. The company has been conscious about moving ahead of online trends and building tools with customer engagement in mind.


Brand Strategy


Content Strategy

Content Management


Social Media

Trade Show Booth

Video Content

Web Design

The Discovery

During their Discovery, we immediately recognized they were operating an incredible family-owned business that needed help putting a solid strategy in place to effectively reach a very specific audience. We identified the felt needs of their end-users and Webstop’s value in offering viable solution to the problems today’s shoppers face.  Vers challenged Webstop to evaluate what was important to their future. Did they just want to keep doing things the way they had always done them, or were they willing to try something new?  They were definitely willing to take a fresh approach, so we created a Brand Roadmap to strategically position them to stand out among their competitors. 

Brand Refresh

Logo: We refreshed the logo to an identifiable, clean icon. The updated look has a more current feeling that Webstop needed to stand up against the younger startup companies that were vying for their business.

Tagline: We narrowed down exactly what Webstop does into a few short words. Their audience needed to easily and immediately identify what they do. Guiding Grocers to Digital Success. It’s who they are and what they do.

Website Update

Webstop offers a lot of services, so we helped them narrow down their best, most profitable offerings and then reworked the graphics and content on their website to make a distinct statement in the marketplace.


Strategy & Management

We researched where to find grocery store staff members who handle their store’s marketing, then uncovered the language necessary to reach marketing decision makers. Next, we set the power of execution in place.

Soon, through well-crafted blogs, new photography, video narratives, purposeful email campaigns, and the right social media channels, we were turning Webstop’s technology into something human that created an authentic connection with their audience.  Webstop’s strategy, structure, and ROI was focused and functioning.

Increased Followers

When we craft thought leadership content and then give it away for free, it definitely creates peek engagement with the brand. Before heading to the NGA show, we seized an opportunity to expand Webstop’s following. We wrote and designed a free eBook that revolved around engaging shoppers in a digital era.  It was content that was relevant to all industry leaders, whether they were currently using Webstop’s technology or not, and available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.

“We talked through our goals together, and then Vers provided a roadmap for where we wanted to go; but, it didn’t stop there. Vers has continued to support us in implementing the new approach. We needed a partner who could offer strategy and ongoing support and that’s exactly what Vers has provided.”

Shawn Tuckett

Webstop VP of Sales & Client Services

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