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USA Só Dança team refines Global brand and elevates the dance industry.

The Só Dança family includes top international dancers, ballet companies, colleges, and businesses from all over the world. Their brand is about more than dancewear, shoes, and accessories. They are an industry leader who draws dancers into their design concepts and their community.  

They had decades of experience, deep roots in the dance community, and a dedication to craftsmanship to show for it. What they were lacking was a way to translate who they were into stories their customers saw value in.

We came alongside their amazing team and defined one unified voice that would translate across all countries and platforms, understanding that we needed to show and tell the world about why So Danca was changing the game in dancewear.

This was the first step of showing the world the passion we saw behind the products…


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Website Launch Strategy

Tell the Story Authentically

To uncover the fullness of their brand voice and story, we traveled with Só Dança to their manufacturing factory in the Dominican Republic. There, we filmed the staff and leaders who have made the Só Dança brand what it is today. By capturing authentic legacy accounts of the company history, as well as vision casting for the future, our team was able to compile fresh, original perspectives into a new brand video and digital content.

Many Countries, One Voice

It’s one thing to create a brand voice and guide for a local or regional organization, but it’s another thing to translate that brand across multiple continents. With an art form as expressive as dance, the Só Dança brand story and values had a huge hurdle to jump to transcend cultural and stylistic differences. In addition, we needed to make sure the core of what makes Só Dança a success didn’t get lost in translation.

Crafting the Só Dança Voice

Só Dança was already pushing the creative limits with their talented in-house staff of designers, photographers, and videographers. They needed our help to get everyone speaking with one voice and designing with a brand guideline in mind. We respectfully used their values, passion, and heart to compose a company Brand & Voice Guide that expanded and enhanced the philosophy behind their brand. A key piece of the Só Dança brand is their voice. We helped them establish a tone that echoes who they are: Cool, but also warm and inclusive. Humble, but also leaders and innovators.

A Successful Launch

While Só Dança started in Brazil, it grew into a sensational international brand over the years. We successfully unpacked the new brand standards and story for the company’s global sales and manufacturing partners, securing their confidence in the United States-led brand initiatives.

Telling Sara Mearns’ Story

Because of Só Dança’s desire to be a positive, encouraging voice in an otherwise vulnerable and cut-throat community, we led them to seize the opportunity to share authentic stories from their dancers.

As a testament to Só Dança’s wide network of influencers, our team traveled to New York to film Sara Mearns, an American ballerina and principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Mearns is one of the top ballerinas in the world, and she also has an exclusive product line with Só Dança.

In February 2019, we were honored with an Addy award for our thirty-second Sara Mearns commercial.

The Heart of All Dancers

We conducted many interviews with their dance ambassadors to communicate transparent accounts of both the pain and the glory of dancing.  Along with the Só Dança brand story, we crafted authentic, custom video and written content that carefully aligned with the new brand voice. We joined in Só Dança’s mission to shine a spotlight on dancers and encourage them to their fullest potential.

Taking a Huge Leap

Opening their first direct-to-consumer eCommerce option was a huge leap for the company. Só Dança’s initiative to move from a wholesale structure to a direct-to-consumer platform was a delicate procedure. We were proud to come alongside the brand as their digital commerce guide. Together, we upheld their values as we walked through everything from the digital point-of-sale journey to a VIP event for retailers.

Over the years, the company had established strong relationships with their brick-and-mortar retailers. We supported them with strategies to maintain their integrity and guard their loyalty with those valued retail partners. The result was a positive launch of their new direct-to-consumer site in the fall of 2018.

“We had fears going into the future with the launch of our new website and the growth of our company, but every time we talked with Vers we felt inspired, like, ‘We can do this!’  They provided the strategy, moral support, and vision we needed.”

Helena Hines, COO at So Danca USA

The Beauty of Design

As Só Dança rolled out their direct-to-consumer website they also launched new products. Our content team crafted original, creative names and product descriptions for their online merchandise, including the launch of their new, widely anticipated fitness line. 

We also assisted with promotional materials and fitting instructions for their new, innovative pointe shoe, The Elektra, which will be available on the market in spring 2019. Congratulations, Só Dança on continuing to be a leader and inspiration in your industry.

Só Dança continues to rise an even greater force in the dance community. Now, they have the guiding tools and strategies to back their bold, industry-changing initiatives. Just one year after working together, the company has opened new sales channelsincluding a direct to consumer website, has increased its social media presence, and has run award-winning brand campaigns. And they’re just getting started.

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