Meet Sabian: FRX

For decades, Sabian has been pushing innovation in the cymbal-making marketplace. In 2018, they launched a groundbreaking product that would, once and for all, stop drummers from constantly being told to ‘hold back’. They created the FRX cymbals and solved a problem ahead of their competition. These cymbals are designed for playing smaller environments where other cymbals are just too much. They are more than low volume cymbals, they remove frequencies that allow the cymbals to sit perfectly in the mix, no matter how hard the drummer plays.

Branding: FRX

Content Strategy

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Product Launch


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Product Launch Strategy

FRX was an incredible achievement for Sabian and the company was excited to share this new product with the world. Vers put together a massive campaign that required our team to be prolific and innovative. We devised a roadmap with intentional strategy around how to get the most out of every production dollar spent, all while producing the entire array of media that needed to be created. 

Branding: FRX

The FRX product amplified the core brand message of innovation. We engaged with four unique audiences:

  • Sabian to the industry
  • Sabian to dealers
  • Sabian to drummers
  • Drummer to drummer

Drummers put in countless extra hours and then when it comes time to play, when they should have fun and let loose, they are constantly told to ‘tone it down’. We branded the FRX product with the tagline “Don’t Hold Back.” It’s what drummers have always wanted to hear and it’s what FRX delivers.

Video Content

The Commercial

When it came to video content, Vers did not hold back!

We understood the best way to connect with the Sabian audience was by simply telling authentic stories in a relatable way, and it all began with video.We crafted a full-length commercial, which you can watch above this text, that told the drummer’s “Don’t Hold Back” story.

It was an instant success!

Video Content

The Greenroom Series

The FRX messaging had to be flawless. Using Sabian’s bank of professional drummers that are top in the industry, along with drummers and sound technicians as micro influencers, we added between 20-30 case study videos to the entire campaign.

Vers also started the Sabian Greenroom series to begin conversations with professional drummers about their experience, their techniques, and their thoughts on Sabian products.

“If it’s good enough for Justin Timberlake’s drummer, then it’s definitely good enough for me.”

Web Design

Sabian already had a robust website with its architecture in place, so Vers had to stay within the constraints of what was already built, while using our expertise to boost SEO and keep people on the site longer. We found a unique way to spotlight the sound of the cymbals. Also, through efficiency and smart planning, Vers was able to present an FRX page full of great content and increased SEO across the board for SABIAN.


Booth Design Wins Awards

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show is a global event for the music, sound and event technology industries.  Sabian is known at NAMM for their distinct wall of cymbals, but this year they partnered with Vers to launch FRX at NAMM with an elevated booth design. Vers tied in original product videos and created a behind-the-scenes video that showcased at the pre-show press release. We elevated the entire brand by designing graphics and a wood panel wall that tied the whole booth together.

This year, Sabian’s booth received third place out of thousands of booths at the show. 

Content Management

And Social Media

We started with a comprehensive content calendar that covered 10 channels; communications and conducted an underground influencer marketing program that was extremely successful. We sent FRX packages to influencers and micro influencers to build authentic stories from drummer to drummer. We also performed ad buys that tapped into a precise, responsive audience, including dealers, drummers, and industry leaders.  We challenged the norm by pushing creativity in every way possible.

The Results

  • Reach Over Previous Year 29.37%
  • Impressions Over Previous year – 79.81%
  • Comments Received Over Previous Year 109.4%





“We asked for a lot and Vers delivered more than what we expected. This was the best product launch we have ever had.”

Sabian Marketing Team

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