Devour the Day

Major-label band connects communities and devours streams with docu-series campaign.

Stepping out from the umbrella of Universal Music Groups, Blake Allison, Joey Walser, and Ronnie Ferris (Devour The Day) came to us with a radical idea and humble hearts. With their third album slated to release in October 2018, the band pitched a co-sponsored, free tour to connect with fans in an authentic, visceral way.

More than a fan tour, their concept was a bold shift from the self-grandiose standards for musicians. They wanted to turn the cameras around and expose the real heroes—their fanshonoring those who inspired Devour the Day’s new song Wonderful Creatures.

Compelled by their vision, we came alongside the band with additional strategy, ideas, and creative execution, partnering with them to tell a story that would transform lives.

This is the story…


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“We share with our fans all the time, but we wanted an opportunity for our fans to talk to us—meet up with them and listen to their stories.” 

Joey Walser, Devour the Day

The Fan Tour

In a 6,000-mile cross-country trip through 10 different cities, two of the band members, Joey and Blake, set out to connect with their fan community at free meet-ups that would foster genuine dialogue about how music impacts lives.

The idea was to show the raw emotions of their tour and, in turn, open themselves up to be impacted by their fans. They wanted an opportunity to share real experiences with fans, on a human level.

No money was exchanged. Everything was free. Simply food, conversations, and some acoustic performances.

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Countless Fans

Countless Fans


In order to fund the project, the band needed partners. Their goal was to involve sponsors that aligned with their core value of “devouring each day”—not letting one day pass without getting the most out of it. Sponsors also donated giveaway products and were given a digital media kit to share the tour experience with their followers through social media channels.


Devour the Day pushed the boundaries of their initial concept and proposed documenting the tour, which they appropriately tagged #SoundtrackToYourStory. This solidified the campaign strategy with a meaningful, marketable identity.

Award-winning Neighborhood Film Company also joined the team to help create the 6-part docu-series, which was initially set to capture the essence of the experience, as well as individual stories from fans about how music has affected their lives. Band members Blake and Joey did all of the interviewing.

Campaign Microsite

To build awareness to the tour and increase engagement, Devour The Day maintained a website that housed resources for sponsors, kept a journal to bring fans into the journey, and created a hub for SEO searchability.

We recommended the website with the foresight of building momentum towards their documentary, as well as their forthcoming album. The ideas was to create existing search engine equity through previously published content, improving their searchability as those projects were released.

Devour The Day also leveraged the site as a platform to connect their social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify).

The Docu-Series

The fan stories were good, but the greatest story was yet to be told.

After the tour, we asked the band to visit Tampa for a final interview.  One thing was clear—their lives had been deeply transformed by the #soundtracktoyourstory experience.

We had to turn the camera back on the band members. They needed to share their life-changing thoughts and stories about the relationships they formed with their fans.  

With the footage from the final interview built into each episode, the 6-part docu-series evolved; the connection to the band was a final, unexpected piece.  Learning what made their trip so meaningful became the second hero story.

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Extended Video Content

In addition to the docu-series, we produced two music videos to extend value to the overall campaign. Each aligned with songs from their new album, adding a significant lift in social engagement while helping increase streams on Spotify.

Released in fall 2018, each video’s YouTube views continue to climb at a rate of 1K per week in 2019.

Video Views

Faithless - views in first three months

The Censor - views in first four months

The Results: Looking Back, Moving Forward

The end goal wasn’t simply to sell more music and get more streams. Devour The Day wanted to connect with their audience like never before; they wanted to expand their fans’ experience.

In the words of the band, this campaign was “a new level of being alive—of being human,” and that made all the difference.

This human connection—this life-changing event—translated into a highly successful album launch, with exponential and steady growth in engagement that continues into 2019.

Throughout the process, Devour The Day became their own media house and leaned on us to guide them.

Just as the band took a step into a new direction, we also took a bold step into this project, introducing a one-of-a-kind strategy that we may confidently revisit in the future.

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