Why A Strategic Agency Is Your Best Move

You may have a hard time catching your breath when it comes to today’s branding and marketing. The mediums are constantly changing and your audience’s feedback is both transparent and instantaneous. You don’t have to be a chess player to realize that the changing landscape is like a strategic game of who can outsmart who first.


Traditionally, there have been two go-to guides to help you navigate the changing landscape.


The Advertising Agency manages your account by using their expertise to perform market research and develop campaigns. These kinds of agencies can move you far, but they can only take you in a certain direction. They earn their greatest revenue by selling media, including (but not limited to) TV, radio, billboards, print ads, and digital channels.


The Production Company specializes in a particular medium to create marketing and advertising content for your brand. They are singularly skilled in their area of expertise, such as web design/development or social media management or video production. They have the ability to move you forward, but like the ad agency, they can only move in a particular direction. They depend on the markup of each project they sell to generate their profit.  

There is nothing inherently wrong with either of these business models. I’ve personally spent time working for both. However, in both models, you risk a relationship that benefits the vendor more than your brand’s success. Each option relies on you buying MORE, even if what they are selling is not strategically right for you. That puts all parties at odds.

There is a third option that I believe is a better path for businesses to take. Its role is to protect the king—that’s you, the client. It has the power the move in every direction and unites brand and marketing under one focus.


The Strategic Agency understands the power of merging branding (the way a business or organization makes you feel) together with marketing (a numbers-driven, scientific practice). This connection reaches and engages a target audience in a way that achieves the desired outcome. Every move starts by looking through one powerful lens—STRATEGY.

The creative talent at a strategic agency shares the same quality as production houses and advertising agencies, but the strategic team has the upper hand in producing better results for less. That’s because all of the cogs of the brand’s wheel fit together, function cohesively, and are designed under the same creative principle, cutting out more than 50% of wasted overhead in traditional models.



Multiply Your Impact, Not Your Efforts

Partnering with a strategic agency is like buying a small turnkey team who is intensely focused on building your brand and getting results. You’ll receive the time, attention, and talent of qualified strategists, creatives, and project management professionals for much less expense than hiring and managing internal team members.


Because we don’t have a vested interest in one particular type of marketing or media, we can manage the full scope of your brand and do what is best for you over the long run to outperform your competitors.


Therefore, whether you are currently working with an ad agency or with various different production companies, it’s worth giving a strategic agency like Vers an opportunity to see how much further we could help you move the needle with your budget.

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