Visual Storytelling: Behind-the-Scenes of Breath of Life

Breath of Life Women’s Health and Birth Center is a safe, personal, and empowering place for women in the Tampa Bay area to experience the birth they want. Their birth suites create an intimate experience and have the luxurious feel of an upscale hotel. However, Breath of Life was struggling to find the best way to share their incredible offerings with their target audience.

Vers was hired to start Discovery with the Breath of Life team.  At the end of the five discovery meetings, we unveiled a strategic plan that would lead them to a greater number of births. We crafted a roadmap that included, but was not limited to, a fresh website, branded videos, and content management.

Breath of Life needed Vers for more births—which became our internal battlecry as we worked.


Determining the Story

One thing was immediately clear. We had to tell the beautiful, intimate story of what is feels like to welcome a child into the world in such an tranquil setting. From website to photography to video, we had to match all the feels a mother has as she anticipates meeting her baby for the first time.


Uncovering the Audience

Like with every brand story, we started by understanding our audience, who would, after all, become the hero of the story.  For Breath of Life, the target audience was pregnant women.

We needed to understand the planning that goes into every aspect of preparing for a new family addition. Every mom has dreams and aspirations for her child. She is caught up in so many thoughts about the future and all of its uncertainties, starting with the birthing experience. She wants to make the best decisions for herself and for her baby.


Identifying the Storyline

We needed to make an emotional connection and produce something that not only looked amazing, but also captured the heart of a woman. We knew that the reality of birth is that many moms feel scared. We wanted to reassure them by focusing on the romantic story of lovethe love that can only be felt between a mother and child.

The narrative—whether spoken in a video or written on the website—needed to move along the story in a way that kept the audience engaged. The words needed to be like a poem or a prayer.  We tried it both ways. You can decide which you like better below. 


Setting the Stage

People are visual, so telling a story through beautiful images and colors is important for audience engagement. Elevating the Breath of Life brand meant using the right lighting, talent, and set dressing in the visual storytelling. We even assisted with a room renovation to get the perfect color palette and setting. It was important to capture the intimate and luxury experience of giving birth that only Breath of Life could offer.

Underscoring the Emotion

Music has the ability to allow a person to feel deeply. Choosing the right music score is essential to creating the right connection. Music moves the story along and plays like a beautiful waltz between the story and the audience. It ties all parts of the visual creative together.

Putting it Together

The words are written, the photography is in place, the moving shots are captured, and now it all comes together into one beautiful, cohesive story. The energy of content should match the same energy of the edit. The creative director, the copywriter, the web designer, the director and the DP all come together with one common vision.

The finished product exceeded the expectation of our client. 

Here is the finished commercial featuring the heart of a mother’s prayer, as if she is writing in her journal her most inward thoughts.

Because we wanted to have options with our content, we also created a black and white version of their commercial with a very contemplative, poetic spoken word.

Vers for more births is working!  Breath of Life has been pleased with the uptick in new inquiries they are getting as a direct results of the new website, the videos, and the social media efforts we have put in place.

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