The Gift of Listening

Here’s a question. Who do your customers say you are? 

Let’s pose it a different way.  You talk with ease about who YOU think you are and who you want to become, but do you know what your customers are saying about you? 

Many business owners don’t know.

Here are three good reasons to exercise the gift of listening to your customer:

The customer has all the power.

For all the good brand strategies and marketing tools you may have, at the end of the day, it’s still the customer who makes or breaks your business.  If you alienate the people you need for your success and ignore their voice, you’ll soon find out what they think in other ways—like when they move to your competition.  In any company or organization, the people interacting with the product, service, or business model hold the key to success. If you’re not valuing their voice, they will find someone who will. When considering the story of your brand, always position your customer in the role of the hero.

Customer feedback helps you grow.

No business wants to be stagnate or diminishing. Many contact me because they want to grow bigger or faster and know that branding and online marketing is critical for their success. That’s true. That’s why I ask what their customers are saying.  Growth requires being aware of public perception. With the popularity of social media, it doesn’t cost much to receive consumer feedback that will benefit your business and offer valuable marketing research.

Also, be in the know about the reviews your competitors are getting as well. When you understand the perception of your competition, you can put a better strategy in place for yourself. Feedback is knowledge, knowledge is power, and that’s what you need to grow the success of your business. Knowing what your consumer’s pain points are can help you turn your brand story into something even more valuable.

If you don’t listen, someone else will.

Customers feel valued and appreciated when their needs are addressed. Believe it or not, they can foresee what might be happening to your business long before you can. Customers can help you deal with difficulties as they happen. If there’s a problem, your customers want to know that someone from within your company will act on their behalf. In order for your customer to be a superstar in your business, they need you to be their guide. Make sure you do everything you can to resolve issues and create a brand strategy that will assure your customers that they matter. If you don’t—there is another company out there that will.

We all want to feel appreciated, whether that’s in a relationship or as a loyal customer. Discover your target audience with our free “Audience Discovery Tool.”  Then, if you need help understanding the voice of your consumers and how their feedback can influence your brand—let’s talk!

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