The Do’s & Don’t of Telling Your Brand Story

All branding and marketing is about human connection.

Maybe this sounds like you:

I’m ready to take the next step.  I want to create a brand that impacts lives and grows my business.  I’m ready to dig into brand storytelling, but I have no clue where to start. 

We’ve got you! Here are a few simple rules to get you thinking about how your brand tells a story that can connect with your audience.


  • Be yourself. Authenticity is like an ice cold drink on a hot day.  It’s so refreshing!
  • Be transparent. Sometimes sharing mistakes shows that you are the best company to guide others.
  • Empower others. Make your client—not you—the leading role in your brand story.
  • Inspire your audience. Demonstrate that your role is to guide your client to superhero status.
  • Involve your team in the process. Everyone has a role in the brand story.


  • Sell yourself. Everyone can smell a hustle from a mile away.  Sales pitches are relationship builders.
  • Be guarded. There’s a time to hold back, but there is also a time to show the real you.
  • Make it all about you. We all have hungry egos, but your brand story is not the time to feed yours.
  • Be boring. If you aren’t excited and inspired by what you do, no one else will be either.
  • Isolate yourself. Behind every great organization there are people who need to be part of the story.

Ask yourself…

  • What motivates me/my team to wake up and come to work everyday?
  • How does my brand or service change or influence lives?
  • What is one sentence I could write to clearly reflect how my company/work affects the lives of others?
  • Would my entire team, at all organization levels, know the company mission and understand how it benefits those we serve?

Better yet…

Just go ahead and contact us. We can begin the Discovery Process together.

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