Meet Lyss

Lyss is one of those people everybody seems to know…so, we’re not really sure you even need to read her bio, because you’re probably already her friend. Just in case you haven’t met her yet, she helps our clients gain online success with her modern minimal art style.

From working with multi-million dollar companies to fresh startups, Lyss is dedicated to creating custom, killer sites that sell. She also has years of experience as a professional photographer, as well as experience in graphic design and social media marketing, which makes her a versatile asset to the Vers team.

Lyss is always creating.  She makes fun, nerdy home decor, listens to vinyl records, raises chickens, rides motorcycles, lives at coffee shops, is obsessed with her chocolate lab, Hudson, and loves being married to her husband Jon (A.K.A. the Fantastic Mr. Hops).

This is her stuff

Vinyls: Whether it’s music from the 1950s, or modern soundtracks from my favorite films, listening to records is my favorite form of music therapy.

Farm Fresh Eggs: Crazy Chicken Lady by day, designer by night…or something like that.

Memories from Missions: Traveling overseas opened my eyes to adoption, humanitarian needs, and realizing the need for Christ in all places in all situations.

Wall-e & Eve: One of my favorite films. I’ve also got a sweet spot for robots in love.

1988 Ford F-150 Keys: I love my vintage truck.

Hudson’s Dog Tag: My dog is truly my best friend (and my spirit animal).

Camera: It’s a joy to freeze moments in time to look at in the future.

Parks & Rec Coffee Cup: Since being a barista, I’ve loved coffee. I also love Parks & Rec. Treat Yo Self!

Motorcycle Gloves: Life is better on two wheels.

Macbook Air: My design tool that’s allowed me to work & serve others from around the world. Adorned with stickers from friends of mine.


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