Meet Karl

Live big stories. Write big stories. Inspire big stories. That’s the story Karl wants to tell, at least. He traded his job at Florida’s largest ad agencyas well as an offer to move to NYCfor an opportunity at a bigger picture with Vers.

With a give-and-serve-first mentality, Karl freelanced as a production assistant, on-screen talent, and assistant director before joining Vers as a producer. His strategic mind and can-do, collaborative approach to work has been garnered through experience in journalism, advertising, music, and video production.

Whether backpacking Europe, salsa dancing in the Caribbean, or wrecking motorcycles on mission trips, Karl prefers life with good people, good stories, and big faith.

This is his stuff

Time: Our most precious commodity on earth.

Durham Bulls baseball cap: The city where my story began. Also, a reminder that strikeouts are boring and fascist.

Passport: Started traveling overseas when I was 18. 2 passports, 13 countries and 50 international cities later …

Motorcycle key: To my ’77 Yamaha XS650.

Leather jacket: Mom bought this jacket while she was pregnant with me—then gave it to me on my 21st birthday. It’s seen miles on both our backs.

Journal: For quotes, notes, jokes, thoughts, ideas, and prayers.

Cuba playing cards: I’m not Cuban, but I dance salsa, enjoy baseball, boxing, and cigars, and went to Cuba for my first mission trip. Seems appropriate. Plus, cards are a family favorite.

Boxing gloves: Shoutout to Clearwater Boxing Gym. To summarize Theodore Roosevelt, “The credit belongs to those in the arena, not the critics in the stands.”

Gators Championship DVD: B.S., UF, 2011. “Where the girls are the fairest, the boys are the squarest.”

Music festival passes: As of 2017, I found myself in the music festival scene as an organizer, social media strategist, and vendor. It’s been an entertaining endeavor.

Love Does, by Bob Goff: Simply put: love does.

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meet the others

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