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Without Justin’s vision and leadership there would be no Vers. Before launching the agency, Justin had diverse experiences that paved the way to his current success guiding client brands to their fullest potential. From an early age, Justin surrounded himself with mentorship from exceptionally talented agency chief creative officers, studio owners and master artists. Recognized for his natural talent, he was hired in creative and production roles long before the completion of his college degree.

With his keen sense of marketing and brand strategy, along with his eye for design, Justin’s early creative career yielded exponential growth for the agencies and businesses he served. His love for music and production led Justin to launch a profitable recording studio, where he designed and installed five live production environments including audio, video and lights. This earned him an opportunity to direct creative staff at two multi-million dollar companies, where he demonstrated that, even at a young age, he was a force to be reckoned with in the production business.

In addition to his creative, production and business sense, Justin also has a huge heart. He is passionate about mentoring and has served in multiple ministry roles, particularly guiding youth toward pursuing their calling. Justin approaches his business with the same commitment to mentorship.

He draws from some of the top talent in his industry and then places young talent under their guidance. He is a positive, encouraging leader that is always striving to model excellence in every area of life.

At his core, Justin believes in helping people through pairing great creative work with superior strategy to produce a playbook that helps companies beat the branding and marketing quicksand of the digital world.

He is grateful for the support of his wife, Megan. They have a beautiful daughter Chloe who spreads joy to everyone who meets her. His non-work hours are spent experiencing local adventures, exploring architecture and local art in new cities, as well as playing music with friends.

This is his stuff

Justin Price - Vers Creative

Tycho Art/Music: My all time fav design soundtrack.

Rainbow Sandals: Florida born and raised.

Watch: Living in the moment and never enough time.

Bodum Espresso Glass & Tamper: Fill it up. Start Day.

Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet: Close to my heart since October 2013.

Emeril’s Original Essence:  Official soulmate of the grill…need I say more?

Hex Pencil, Pilot v7 black, Flat Spine Notebook: Tools of the trade.

Koala Bear: Life changing trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Lego Sears Tower: Where adulthood meets childhood.

Guitar Picks: Picking up the guitar always helps sort out creative solutions.

TN Motorcycle License Plate: “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle.” – Dan Aykroyd

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