Meet J.D.

If there is one word to describe J.D. it would be ‘Futurist’. J.D. is never happy with keeping things ‘as is’ or relying on what has always been done. He looks towards what could be and is constantly finding new and innovative ways to do things.

J.D. has his Bachelors in communications and has managed social media accounts for large, international brands. He is also an accomplished musician, songwriter, and videographer with a passion to create with the next generation in mind.

This guy will also win every trivia battle in reference to 80’s pop culture so don’t even try him. He’ll leave you crying like the boy from that one movie with the alien in the basket. We are not even kidding.

This is his stuff

The Art of John Alvin: John Alvin has created some of the most beautiful movie posters. This gives me a chance to look at them all the time.

In-Ear Monitors: Whether it’s playing music at church or just listening to music, these are worth every penny (and they were a lot of pennies).

Apollo Patch: I love all things space and NASA. My wife and I have all the patches for the Apollo missions. Does this make me a nerd?

Xbox Controller: I’ve played video games all my life. Why stop now?

Korg Monologue: My first analog synth that was given to me as a Christmas present from my parents. They are always supporting me and my music!

Mighty Ducks Jersey: Quack, Quack, Quack, Go Ducks!! #90skid

Reptar: Mighty Reptar from Rugrats. Want to know how much I love Nickelodeon? Ask me.

Polaroid of our dogs, Luna and Axel: Our two doggos that we love so so much!

Ninja Turtles on VHS: I’m a 90’s kid. There’s nothing better than popping in a VHS and watching live-action Ninja Turtles on a Friday night.

Jurassic Park Mug: An extra large mug with a glow in the dark T-Rex on the back!? My first choice when I need a nice cup of tea.

A Novelty E.T. Lunchbox Amp: Found this amp made out of lunch boxes at an antique mall! A light glows where their fingers touch. Clearly the coolest lunch box on the block.

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meet the others

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