Meet Hunter

Hunter is passionate about intuitive creative work, smart typography, and answering questions through well-executed design. At her core, she is a visual communicator.  From the moment she realized the difference she could make by marrying form and function, she was hooked. She loves how designing fosters a collaborative experience, and how working with a strong creative team creates the most meaningful and impactful work. 

With a background in web and print media, Hunter has worked with a range of companies from nonprofits to lifestyle brands. She loves seeing a client’s design needs come to life. 

When she’s not working, Hunter is an avid lover of movies (just mention “The Social Network”), a good cup of coffee, and spending time outside with the people she loves.

This is her stuff

This is her stuff

Coffee Beans: Coffee creates connection… and caffeination.

Polaroid: My best friends (who are more like sisters)

Letters: I’m a shameless analog romantic, and these are some of the letters my guy has written to me over our time together.

Dog Tag and Carrots: I’m an animal lover, and I have a big-eared dog named Wyatt and a feisty bunny named Bell Bottoms. 

Movie Ticket: I’m an armchair movie critic and am part of a film club in Orlando. Film as an art medium is very important to me.

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