Meet Andres

Andres Marquez is, in many ways, an enigma.  He is equal parts warrior, nerd, and artsy-creative.  It’s hard to understand the juxtaposition of a guy that loves riding his motorcycle and going shooting at the rifle range, while also being the same “tough guy” who enjoys spending hours meticulously picking through spreadsheets or choosing the perfect flowers for a beautiful photoshoot. But that’s Andres.

One of his many duties on our team is taking the complex interworkings of search engines, social algorithms, and consumer behavioral psychology and pulling actionable insights from them. (We know.  He blows our minds too. We just nod a lot when he talks.) In short, Andres places Vers in a unique position to optimize our campaigns with in-depth knowledge of the many algorithms that make up today’s digital space, from social to search.

Andres gets excited about things that would put an average person to sleep—like reading a dense tome on quantum physics theories or combating strategies; however, his passion for obscure knowledge comes with some practical benefits.  He sees the beauty of data and is evangelical about his conviction that, in the end, we only know the best way forward by testing our assumptions. 

This is his stuff

Camera and Drawing Pen: I love expressing my creativity and finding beauty throughout the world.

Brie Cheese: With a summer sausage, What a wonderful treat.

Motorcycle and Kevlar Helmets: I love adventure.  Whether it’s a year in Afghanistan or 30 minutes down a backroad, I’ve never been a homebody.

Makeup Brush and Compact: I’m always looking for a way to be better and I don’t limit my thinking to any boxes.  Currently, I’m learning professional makeup so that I can conduct better photoshoots.

Crayon Art: It’s everywhere.  My kids love to express themselves too, all over my walls.  I honestly couldn’t love them more though.

Marine Corps Patch: Marine Corps training is central to many tenants of my personality.

Alexa and Tablet: I love technology.  I have more gadgets than your local best buy.  Everything is automated.

Conference Ticket: I’m also always learning.  I have a hunger for knowledge and experience.

Spreadsheet: There’s no way around it; I’m a huge geek.  I spreadsheet everything.  Numbers are so cool… snort.

Picture of my Beautiful Wife: She’s everything to me.  My biggest blessing, my daily sustenance.

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meet the others

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