Meet Amy

Amy supports incredible initiatives for our clients by being the point person for ad buying and SEO. She and her husband Michael have worked together for many years successfully optimizing digital marketing for social to search. In fact, although she denies it, we’re pretty sure Amy’s middle name is Google.

The Vers team can always count on Amy for her encouraging words. In fact, she makes it her missions to scatter kindness and bless someone’s life every day. If you ever meet her, that person will probably be you.

Although she was born and raised in Michigan, Amy is happy to call Florida her home and loves living only a short distance from the Gulf coast. When she’s not dissecting algorithms or spreadsheets, she and Michael are involved with a couples small group where they mentor newlyweds and help them dream big. They love spending time with their two talented children, Kayla and Tyler.

This is her stuff

Bible: This is the most important item in my life. I highlight, write, pray, and cry in it.

Words: I love anything with encouraging words or scripture that remind me of what’s most important. #Grace #Humble #JustBreathe

Oils: I was skeptical at first, but after many proven scenarios with my family and friends, essential oils are a must in our household!

Michigan: Where I was born and raised. My roots will always be in the Midwest.

Stress Relief: Yeah, basically anything from this line of products is ahhhhh-mazing!

Pics of the Family: I may or may not have 9000 pictures (and counting) on my cell phone. I’m not a professional photographer, but I love capturing memories.

Coffee Mug: I don’t necessarily NEED it each day, but it sure helps kick start my morning!

Vision Board: This is a powerful and artsy tool we have created with our children as well as the newlyweds we mentor. There’s something special about relaxing, talking, dreaming and putting it all on a vision board

Workout Towel: I LOVE “Pilates” and I ran my first 5k recently!


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meet the others

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