Storytelling Collaboration: Brandon Tauszik

Vers is always looking for creative artists to push boundaries in collaboration with our teams.

A talented young artist, Brandon Tauszik, set out to document African American-owned barbershops as “one of the last American storefronts.” Tauszik, an Oakland based image-maker, interviewed barbers in his hometown in, what he noticed was a barbershop phenomenon. He used meticulously crafted gifs and simple storytelling to create his Tapered Throne series, a portrait of Oakland’s black barbers. The series made headlines in 2015, and landed Brandon Tauszik on our Artist Collaboration Wishlist.

At the start of 2018, Shepherd’s Village came to Vers to begin Discovery and launch a new brand strategy. The organization of Shepherd’s Village brings hope to single mothers and children. Our hearts were stirred by the stories we heard and the gracious rescues Shepherd’s Village performs to shield women and children from desperate situations. We knew those stories had to be shared, and video would be the most effective way to begin capturing them.

We reached out to Brand Tauszik to see if he would have interest in playing a part in telling these compelling stories. With his experience, we believed Tauszik would know the best way to direct these stories and capture the hearts of those who watched them.

“Our team has been a fan of Brandon’s work for a while now, so it was a no-brainer to add him on this project.”

Miguel Corteo, Director of Photography

Tauszik came on the set of three video shoots and offered creative direction, particularly by way of the use of light and shadows, in a way that only a true artist could. The results have been overwhelming, as Shepherd’s Village launched the new videos on social channels and their new website, also designed by Vers. Many women can identify with both Liz and Carissa’s stories, and these two videos, in particular, have already been used to open more doors to help single mom’s in our community. 

Shepherd’s Village – Liz’s Story from verscreative on Vimeo.

Shepherd’s Village – Carissa’s Story from verscreative on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Brandon for collaborating with us on this project.   

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