The Focus of This Story Is You: #soundtracktoyourstory

Fans are everything. Without fans, a musician’s art is only for self-enjoyment.

Vers is the strategy & production sponsor of hard rock band, Devour the Day, whose members include: Blake Allison, Joey “Chicago” Walser, and Ronnie Farris. They want more than the popularity and fame of being on stage. They want true connections with their fans.

The Plan

As the band was considering the launch of their new major album, they had a brilliant idea. They knew Vers specializes in authentic branded content, so they contacted us to see how we could take their vision and help them be pioneers in leading the way for musicians to connect with their fan base.  Part of their idea was to create content from the very fans who would consume it. In turn, followers would share the content and expand Devour the Days’ fanbase just before their new album releases.  

We listened to their concept and immediately loved their vision, so we agreed to become a partner in creating their unique strategy and production. We got to work brainstorming about how to break the norms of today’s online community involvement. They didn’t want to use gimmicks or charge money. They just wanted to make genuine connections that would place their audience at the center of their band’s storyline.

Devour The Day would hit the road for a one-of-a-kind tour called #soundtracktoyourstory, where they would place their fans squarely in the center of the story and, afterward, produce a 6-part docu-series.

They found sponsors who believed in their vision and could financially contribute to a unique promotional tour.  The band had a following of roughly 300K people, but the power behind #soundtracktoyourstory would provide value to both the sponsors and the band, and increase their potential audience reach to over 5-million.

The Partnership

Besides teaming up with Vers for strategy, the band is also working with the award-winning production team at Neighborhood Film Company, who has crafted Oscar-qualifying short films and worked with global brands like Nike, Coke, Reebok, and Universal.  It’s the dream team.

Dan Walser, of Neighborhood Film, is serving as the producer for #soundtracktoyourstory. He is using his expertise to piece together the concept, while also sharing his creative insight into how to produce episodes for something none of us have ever experienced before.

Together, Dan, Joey, and Vers made a strategy about each stop on the tour. We evaluated the value each location would add to the marketing and branding of Devour the Day.  Each decision we have made along the way is leading us to the ultimate sweet spot for the highest potential ROI.

The Experience

Devour the Day left July 14th to embark on a 6,000 mile cross-country trip through 10 different cities to connect with their community at free “meet-ups” designed to foster meaningful, genuine dialogue about how music has impacted their lives. It’s already become something that is life-changing for everyone involved.

At the five various meet-ups, fans have the opportunity to talk with the band in an intimate setting. Sometimes words are more easily shared in writing, so at each of the locations there is also a “community typewriter” for fans to express their feelings and stories about how music has impacted their life. There are also photo booths and new music listening stations designed to bring the community together. At the conclusion of each meet-up, the band will perform what they’re calling a “campfire” acoustic set of their favorite songs.

“We want nothing from our community but their time. We don’t ask you to spend any money…or win a contest or share a post or buy a VIP ticket to be involved. All you have to do is come to a city [on our tour] and meet up to discuss the story of how music has impacted your life. It’s something that is bigger than ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ or ‘follows’. It is a real connection between human beings and everyone is invited,”says Walser, who is the guitar and bass player for the band, as well as the backup vocalist.

The Journals

Devour the Day is keeping journals on their website and social channels of the entire experience. They are sharing candidly about the people they meet and how this tour is changing the landscape of their own stories. We recommend you follow the band on their journey of the #soundtracktoyourstory tour.

The Opportunity

What if your business could 10x its reach without spending any additional money?  It means having the right strategic partner on your side. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, take the first step and contact us. As you watch Devour the Day rise in popularity and success, you may wish you had that kind of powerful, innovative brand presence. You can. Vers can help.

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