International Brand Hires Small Agency

Medtronic is a global leader in innovative medical technology, services, and solutions. They are the world’s largest medical device company, operating in 140 countries and with over 86,000 employees.

For National Stroke Awareness Day, three powerhouse organizations came together to raise stroke awareness in an effort to reduce disability and death from stroke. Partnering with the American Stroke Association (a division of American Heart Association) and the World Stroke Organization, Medtronic led the charge in producing a global, comprehensive digital ad campaign.

Despite the fact that Medtronic has its own in-house creative team, they wanted to work with an outside agency for an innovative strategy, media management, and creative execution to the U.S. portion of the international campaign.

Enter Vers.


CONTENT Strategy





“An agency our size relies on its individual team members to work unconventionally and collectively in a way that produces the greatest value to our clients.” 

Justin Price, Principal/Founder, Vers

Substance Over Size

In a sea of large agencies, Vers’ smaller size, agility, and strategic approach were attractive to Medtronic. They hired us to achieve a greater impact than they previously made with their awareness campaigns. Using our depth and breadth of experience, we built a strategic audience, targeted cities across the U.S., and created audience-specific content for each demographic.

The Medtronic team had direct access to our full-service creative staff, and we kept out processes nimble and flexible enough to meet their aggressive timeline while simultaneously adhering to major compliance requirements.  In addition, we professionally navigated their important partnership with the American Stroke Association and the World Stroke Association.

We were able to produce high-level work at a lower cost than they could have achieved in-house or with a larger agency.

Hyper-Targeting Their Audience

Using strategy and analytics, we helped establish a campaign audience that was congruent with Medtronic’s sales goals. We couldn’t afford to go after vanity metrics, we needed focused, meaningful results.

The EMT Focus

We ran a specifically targeted EMS campaign where we made every dollar of the budget work harder.  The campaign featured EMS workers and exceeded the industry standard of success.

As a bonus, Pulsara, an independent EMS training company, used Medtronic’s World Stroke Day content to promote their own services.

The Stroke Unit Focus

We also aligned our media strategy to where Medtronic was already focusing their sales initiatives, as well as cities with advanced stroke units. The message of victory over stroke was spread far and wide.

The Results

Our hyper-targeted strategy meant all of our effort was applied to the audiences that mattered most. This approach led to click-through rates and cost per click metrics that exceeded industry norms.

The campaign’s click-thru rates were 75% higher than the industry standard and 30% lower in cost.

More than click-thru rates, this campaign ultimately drove greater awareness around a topic that will save lives. To help Medtronic share the results of the campaign internally, we created a case study video detailing our strategy, execution, and ROI.

Medtronic is a big brand with an even bigger vision. We wanted an agency that would match our perspective and values, but not our size. Vers delivered exactly what we needed. Everyone quickly responded to our needs, maintained creativity and flexibility, and ultimately produced the results we wanted.

Robin Friesz, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Medtronic


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