Logo: Not the Leader of the Brand

LOGO: a mark or symbol that serves as a recognizable identification of a business, product, person, or organization.

BRAND: the emotion behind what someone feels, sees, tastes, or experiences when they interact with a business, product, person, or organization on any level.

While being a symbol for your brand, a logo lacks the ability to explain or sell your brand. Simply, a logo in itself is not a strategy, but rather merely an identification trigger that should be memorable, simple, and timeless.  It should be present on anything visual—business cards, letterhead, packaging, signage, website, e-marketing, videos, etc.—and consumers should be able to immediately recognize it as your brand.  But it is not THE BRAND.

Branding requires courage as it is a vulnerable message that is constantly being shaped by the public’s perception. A creative agency can help you lay the foundation of a dynamic visual brand as well as create a strategy for how to positively influence your brand’s audience. It is imperative that the foundation of your brand is laid correctly.

If you want a brand that will endure and remain timeless you need to:

  • Realize your brand becomes your personality and along with that personality comes numerous associations
  • Understand how the marketplace is currently perceiving your brand
  • Know what to do to change any negative perceptions
  • Have a strategy to present yourself as authentic, genuine, trustworthy, and valuable

There is a vital creative design component to having a brilliant brand. Design is what translates thought leadership into effective communication. A good creative agency helps you work through both your brand strategy and its implementation to ensure that the results are consistent and adaptable.

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