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Logos are how brands gain recognition and identification in the marketplace. We’ve done a few logo makeovers in the last year or so, and we’re taking you behind-the-scenes and the minds of the artists as they created fresh logos to achieve world domination …errr…competitive recognition.


The three key features within the Karl Flammer Ford logo are the lettering, the stripes, and the Ford oval.


The Lettering:

Oblique lettering was used within the tagline to emphasize the forward movement of the brand and the meaning behind their tagline of “Driving Generations Forward”. We wanted to use a clean, strong font to represent the ‘Karl Flammer’ portion of the logo, emphasizing further the forward direction, and strength of values and character at the core of  the Karl Flammer Ford brand.


The Stripes:

The Flammer brand is made up of three generations of the Flammer family, and therefore family is a very important value to the Karl Flammer Ford brand. We wanted to reflect these values within the logo. Each stripe not only represents a generation of the Flammer family, but cohesively they form the shape of a car grill. The use of color within the stripes forming a gradient also emphasizes the tagline of “driving generations forward” by moving the eye forward throughout the logo.


The Oval:

The Karl Flammer Ford brand is part of a global brand and we wanted to stay true to the Ford brand standards while still giving the Karl Flammer brand it’s own unique spin. You will see that the colors of the Ford brand utilized throughout the entire Karl Flammer Ford logo. We also decided to implement the Ford oval within the logo while keeping to the Ford brand standards of keeping any elements within the Karl Flammer Ford logo from touching the Ford oval itself.


The two key features within the Master Restoration logo are the lettering and the shield.


The Lettering:

Master Restoration is a great brand that comes through for people during a time of great need. As a brand they hold strongly to their values and history as an organization. For this reason we wanted to use a more traditional font, while moving their logomark (the shield) into a more contemporary and fresh style. Emphasis was put on the word ‘Restoration’ in order to put the emphasis on what their company stands for at its very core.


The Shield:

The founder and CEO of Master Restoration started out in the Fire Emergency field. He put the fireman’s shield within his original logo and felt very strongly about keeping it within his new logo. We wanted to bring a fresh and modern approach to the same shield, as well as tie in the theme of what Master Restoration provides to the community with the water drop and colors.

As a whole, we were able to update a brand that had strong emotional ties to the elements of their logo without losing site of where they came from.


The three key features of the A American Container logo are the angle and subtle rounded edges of the font, the lines within the crossbar of the first “A”, and the eagle between the two A’s.


The Lettering:

The lettering portrays A American Container’s desire to always move forward while paying attention to the past. This is accomplished through using an oblique angle to signify forward movement. The boldness of the font signifies the strength of the brand while the rounded edges soften the look reflecting A American’s  legacy of care and respect in dealing with employees, clients, and our philanthropic initiatives.


The Lines:

The lines within the crossbar of the first “A” reflect the texture of the corrugation in our containers and also the stripes in the American flag.


The Eagle:

The eagle is a symbol of strength and security for our country. Using the eagle to represent the A American Container brand reflects not only on the “American” in the brand name, but also the strength and security that they deliver their clients.


This brand is bold and focused on striving for excellence in providing solutions in the digital grocery market. The Webstop logo was developed to be a minimalist, confident, distinctive mark and brand that seeks to present Webstop as a professional, modern, and efficient identity.



The main graphic element is made up of a circle with a scripted w cut out, which represent the company name. The typeface and icon are clean and minimalist to reinforce the Webstop identity.



The type treatment is simple, strong and modern, designed to compliment the main graphic. It neither dominates nor becomes inconsequential to the graphic element, creating a harmonious identity. The two different type weights separate the two words without spacing them apart. The Webstop corporate logotype is a custom typeface and is purposefully modern,corporate and professional.


Jacki Arena Interiors came to us in need of an ID update. Originally she had designed her own logo at a time when her business was primarily working in the tropical region. The business expanded and matured so she wanted to signify that change with an ID update. This is where Vers comes in. The two key features within the Jacki Arena Interiors logo are the lettering and the box.


The Lettering:

We chose a font types that had more structure which simplified and streamlined the design of the logo. A clean and modern serif font was chosen for the “JAI” portion of the logo. This font reflects the modern, luxurious, and sophisticated design aesthetic that JAI puts into every interior design project they take on. An equally modern and sophisticated sans serif font was chosen for the “Jacki Arena Interiors” portion of the lettering in order to create some contrast within the design and still stay true to the JAI brand look.


The Box:

JAI needed a neutral color pallet for their logo. In order to communicate the timelessness of the brand we chose black and white as the colors for JAI’s logo. The large black box makes a strong and bold statement, reflecting upon the nature of design that JAI is known for. The white outlined box creates a framing effect and adds a finishing detail to the logo that speaks to the attention to architectural and luxurious details that JAI implement into their own design concepts.




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