How SABIAN’s April Fool’s Risk Gained Big Rewards

SABIAN has always been brave about pushing the limits of sound, but they showed some serious brand moxie when they beat everyone to the punchline with this April Fools gag that touted their next BIG thing–a giant 40” AAX-XL crash cymbal.

Watch this video to find out what happened…

The Risk Paid Off BIG Time

Sabian was the only drum or cymbal company to take advantage of April Fool’s on social media, and the drum community loved SABIAN’s risk.

Drummers were saying things like:

Joke or not, that enormous cymbal he was hitting exists somewhere and I have to have it.

Jokes on u Sabian, cuz now I want a set of those.

The video also drove traffic to their website, with a 40% increase in site traffic. Even though 40” cymbals are not a real thing—drummers learned that SABIAN has a custom shop that exists to meet their unique needs.

And their social media had an impressive spike:

All this because SABIAN was brave enough to say YES.

We applaud that kind of courage and the results it receives.

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