Your Brand Roadmap begins with Discovery

Discovery informs every step you need to take, from strategy to your content creation and distribution. We do Discovery to understand you and your customers, then give you a custom Brand Roadmap to move your business in the right direction.

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The 5 Discovery Sessions

Your audience, their pain points, and your ability to solve them.

Opportunities in the marketplace to maximize your ROI.

Powerful links between your brand and your customers’ felt needs.

Visionary targets and the tools available to hit them.

Your custom strategy guide to keep your brand moving forward.


“We knew where we wanted to go, but we just needed to make sure we were taking the right steps to get there. I’m glad we did Discovery with Vers because it gave us a clearer vision and informed the best path forward. No regrets.”

-Meghan Flammer Purvis

Karl Flammer Ford

Vers Creative - Brand Management & Creative Agency