Be Real. Be Human.

Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t put down?  You get to the end of the chapter and the author leaves you begging for more?  “Okay,” you think, “just a few more pages chapters and then I’ll stop reading.”

Every story contains a protagonist who is at the center of the literary climax and tension of the story.  The ability for the reader to feel an emotional connection with the hero makes or breaks the success of the storyline.

The same elements that go into a captivating storyline are used to create a compelling brand.

It’s all about authenticity, vulnerability and human connection.

In other words: BE REAL.  BE HUMAN.

Start with this question.

Who is at the center of your brand story?

Maybe you have answered, “Well, my company is, of course!  It’s MY brand, after all.”

Contrary to popular belief, your company or organization is not the leading role in your brand story.  The most powerful brand messages are the ones that place the CLIENT as the star of the show.  You are more of a support role—you know, that guy behind the leading man who helps him believe he’s had his super powers all along?  Yeah, you’re that guy.

When starting with your brand story, try this.  Pretend you’re having coffee with a friend. (Don’t drink coffee? No problem! Order whatever you want. Your friend is buying!) You begin to talk about how your product, services, or business model has changed people’s lives. That’s a good start.

You share with honesty and transparency, even about the things you know you could do better to reach more people. Your friend listens, reflects back your pain points and also your values. You start to understand your own business in a way you hadn’t before, and the longer you talk, the more impact you want to make and the bigger your dreams grow for the future.  You leave your time together falling in love all over again with your company’s mission and purpose.

That’s how it all starts.

That’s how Vers helps our clients tell their best story. We listen more than we talk, and when we do talk we ask questions that dig down deep. Let’s begin the process of telling your brand story and creating customer-heroes.  Let’s begin making authentic, vulnerable, human connections that lead to bigger things than you could ever hope for or imagine.

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