Miguel Corteo

Meet Miguel

Miguel has successfully managed productions of all sizes. His keen eye for talent, location, props, and imagery comes from the years he spent as an on-stage actor. His initial career aspirations were in musical theater, but when he started shooting film he knew his calling was behind the lens of a camera. He is a natural leader who spends time researching the latest trends in video, film, and photography.

Meet Miguel’s Stuff

Watch – My wife always tells me it’s important to be on time

Super 8 Camera – I have a fascination with motion pictures

Headphones – Drowning out the noise

Button Down Shirt – Dress to impress

Playbill – “Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances.” -Victor Hugo

Vans – I wish I was a skater

Beard Comb – Keepin’ it tamed

Milk Bone – I have a newfound obsession with dogs