Meet Madison

Madison single-handedly keeps the Vers visual team organized, on time, and well-fed. She oversees schedules and deadlines while also maintaining communication with talent and locations.

As a writer and assistant editor for a local magazine, Madison learned about the fast-paced nature of production. However, her love for film and video grew when she partnered with her husband Miguel on video shoots and projects. Madison remains calm and pleasant under pressure and is happy to serve anyone who is present on a client video set.

She has a deep love for learning and the outdoors. She and Miguel (along with their dog Noah) spend their weekends kayaking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.

This is her stuff

Candle: You can’t have too many candles.

The Dinner by Herman Koch: You don’t know suspense until you’ve read this book.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris: “Nobody dreams of the things he already has.”

Succulent: A little green can liven up any space. These can be found all over my house.

Dog Bone: Living without a dog isn’t really living at all.

FUN. sticker: Does one ever forget their first concert?!

Tennis Ball: A childhood LOVE. (no pun intended)

Polaroid Camera: My honeymoon, circa 2016.

Sweater: Constantly cuddled.

Watch: I always tell my husband it’s important to be on time.

Perfume: I feel like a real adult when I wear perfume. Reminds me of my mom and I don’t leave the house without it.

2017 Agenda: Can you ever be too organized? I think not.

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meet the others

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