Justin Price

Meet Justin

Without Justin’s vision, leadership and creative inspiration there would be no Vers. Justin built the dream and pours his heart and soul into the Vers team and our clients every day.¬† At the core, Justin believes in helping people through pairing great creative work with superior strategy to produce a playbook that helps companies beat the branding and marketing quicksand of the digital world. Justin values working with the entire Vers team, who lean on the common factor of putting clients first and doing whatever it takes to make the work excellent.

Meet Justin’s Stuff

Hex Pencil, Pilot v7 black, Flat Spine Notebook РTools of the Trade

Rainbow Sandals – Florida Born & Raised

Tycho Art/Music – Inspiration is Everything

Lego Sears Tower – Where Adulthood Meets Childhood

Emeril’s Original Essence + Any Meat or Veggie + Grill – Need I say more?

Chrome Vintage Navy Chair Ornament – In my next life I want to be furniture designer

Souvenir from Great Barrier Reef / AU – Living off the mountains and diving the GBR was a spiritual experience I’ll never forget

Nicaraguan Coin w/Mangos on it – Home to the best mango I’ve ever tasted

Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet – Close to my heart since October 2013

Motorcycle License Plate – “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle.” – Dan Aykroyd

Bodum Espresso Glass & Tamper -The best way to start my day