Julie Garner

Meet Julie

Her role says Creative Producer, but among the Vers family she’s known as the mom. Julie can’t help herself, she just has to take care of everyone and all their needs. She is a wizard of words and the glue that holds the team together with her leadership, production schedules, and creative brainstorming. We thought her most valuable asset was her years of experience working in the creative agency world, but now we know the best treasure is her contagious laughter and positive attitude.

About Julie’s Stuff

Feather Pen & Ink – Writing isn’t a job, it’s an art

Twizzlers – I eat them like that’s my job

StarbucksĀ  – My second office and my favorite dark roast

Black Dog TailĀ  – My best therapist has four legs and a black fluffy tail

Game of Life Car – My family drives me to be my best self

Butterflies – Life is about being transformed

Phone – It’s not just the words I say, but the words you say back to me

Bracelet – Each bead is a mile marker in my life

Trendy glasses – Sometimes, all you need is a new perspective

Sheet Music – “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Broadway Show Tunes: I’m the person singing show tunes at the top of my lungs

Dutch Blitz Cards – My roots are in PA’s Lancaster County Amish Country

Seashells – If you need me, you can find me at the beach