Gregory Smith

Meet Gregory

Other than being an amazing person in general, he is a servant-leader who constantly puts others before himself. Gregory has this natural way of connecting with people and seeing their needs. He is excellent at leading others and focusing on a plan of action, while at the same time, he listens carefully to everyone’s ideas and vision. He doesn’t need to be the guy who’s right, he just needs to get the right results.

About Gregory’s Stuff

Golf Club Driver – “He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin

Watch – If I leave the house without a watch, I’ll go back and get it. It’s worth my time!

Drumsticks – A pair of these took me around the world. A lifetime of memories

Girl Scout Thin Mints – Who wouldn’t like them?

Cole Haan Shoes – A business man always needs a pair of great shoes

Jeep Key – A dream come true

Notepad & Pen – I enjoy the art of composition

Coffee – Coffee breeds community