Chase Yandek

Meet Chase

He packed his bags, headed to Australia, studied film at Hillsong International Leadership College, honed his craft of visual storytelling, and then returned to the Tampa Bay area to share his talent with us. Chase’s visual mind’s eye sees things no one else would ever imagine and he knows how to turn his concepts into reality. His quiet, servant heart makes him instantly likable–if his huge smile didn’t already win you over. He has a steady confidence that makes Vers video and photo shoots an enjoyable experience.

Meet Chase’s Stuff

35 Film Camera – My passion

67 Mustang – My father loved cars

Vinyl Records – Where I find my inspiration

Starwars Action Figure – “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” – Jango Fett

Rubix Cube – I’m determined to solve it one day

Northface Shirt – My everyday attire

Movie Ticket Stubs – My dream of creating a full length movie one day

Red Skate High Vans – My favorite pair of shoes

Lord of the Rings Sword – First gift my wife ever got me, because she loves my inner nerd

Australian Flag – I attended school in Australia