The Need for a Strategy


Webstop is a forerunner in digital grocery technology. Their CEO is a respected thought-leader in the industry who started creating digital concepts before the internet was the popular, essential tool it is today. The company has been conscious about moving ahead of online trends. They started to notice there were young digital start ups that were creating quick apps and solutions, but they weren’t building their tools with customer engagement in mind. When Vers first connected with Webstop, we immediately recognized they were operating an incredible family-owned business that needed help putting a solid strategy in place to effectively reach a very specific audience.

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Executing the Plan


The Webstop brand is about TRUST, QUALITY, and SERVICE.  Vers provided them with a global brand strategy that focused on those values.

We researched where to find grocery store staff members who handle their store’s marketing, then uncovered the language necessary to reach marketing decision makers. Next, we set the power of execution in place.

Soon, through well-crafted blogs, video narratives, purposeful email campaigns, and the right social media channels, Webstop had the strategy, structure, and ROI that was previously missing from their business.

Making the Human Connection


By identifying the felt needs of their end-users, Vers turned Webstop into a valuable, viable solution to the problems today’s shoppers face.  Through well-planned, custom photography and content, we showed and told shoppers’ stories. Everyone can relate to waking up, checking email, seeing a digital circular sale on avocados along with a recipe for guacamole, shopping for the product, and then making a family memory that revolved around preparing the food. By turning Webstop’s technology into something human, we created an authentic connection that resonnated with their audience.

“Vers challenged us to evaluate what was important to Webstop’s future. Did we just want to keep doing things the way we had always done them? That wasn’t working anymore, but that’s all we knew how to do. Justin talked through our goals with us and then gave us a roadmap for how to get where we wanted to go, as well as the tools and team to take us there. That’s exactly what we needed.”

Shawn Tuckett

Vice President of Sales and Client Services, Webstop