Building the FRX Brand


Sabian came to Vers with a need. They had a new product and needed to partner with an agency that could exemplify their company’s innovation and understood how to launch a product in 2018.

Vers used our own innovation and devised marketing solutions that told a product story by having real people share their experiences in unique, authentic ways. In twelve weeks, we put together a massive campaign and created a video commercial that quickly hit 2.5 million views.

Sabian now sits on top of their competition with a product that solves a problem everyone else in the industry has been trying to solve for years.

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The Crowd Goes Wild


Sabian gave us a groundbreaking product which was the first of its kind. The product amplified the core brand message of innovation. We had to solve their pain point of engaging with four unique audiences:

Sabian to the industry

Sabian to dealers

Sabian to drummers

Drummer to drummer

We strategically promoted and managed the product launch in 10 different channels and conducted an underground influencer marketing program that was extremely successful. We also performed ad buys that tapped into a precise, responsive audience.

Since the successful launch of FRX, Sabian has hired Vers to service all of their future marketing needs.

“We asked for a lot and Vers delivered more than what we expected. This was the best product launch we have ever had. The results made us decide to turn all of our marketing over to Vers. And we did.”